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Toronto Bridal Alterations

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Get your dream wedding look with Mrs. P Stitches' affordable alterations and skilled craftsmanship

What we do: all bridal alterations, wedding dress alterations and bridesmaid dress alterations

Bridal Alterations

At Mrs. P Stitches, we understand the importance of your wedding day. With over 30 years of tailoring experience for prestigious brands, we now specialize in bridal alterations.

Our goal is to provide personalized, top-notch service for brides, bridesmaids, and your entire bridal party at affordable prices.

In the midst of busy wedding planning, we want to help by ensuring a smooth bridal alterations process without breaking the bank.

That being said, we are not designers, so please consult a designer if you are looking to reconstruct your dress or make extensive changes. 

Victoria Bride with her wedding dress

Words from happy

After another seamstress told me my wedding dress couldn't be altered properly to my size, I decided to get a second opinion before moving on. I'm so grateful I did, because Mrs. P worked a miracle and told me it was easy! She's a bridal magician - there is absolutely no evidence on the outside that my dress was taken down three sizes.

She and Susanna are both so kind and easy to work with, paying close attention to every detail and understanding when my streetcar ran late. The pricing is unbelievably low for how much time she spent, and communication was so clear. Highly highly recommend!

Kate A.

  • Do You Charge For Consultations?
    Consultations are billed at $75 per 45 minutes, however this fee is waived if you decide to work with us.
  • How Much Will My Bridal Alterations Cost?
    Planning a stress-free wedding just got easier! Check out our transparent pricing for bridal alterations - no hidden surprises. Alterations for brides range between $400-$800 (excluding 5+ layers for hemming or a large resize) Example: When resizing from 12 to 6, we will need to see how the dress fits you in person to determine a final estimate and if we can do it. If we can help, please prepare for an additional $200-$400 to resize. NOTE: WE DO NOT OFFER FABRIC SOURCING SERVICES, YOU MUST PROVIDE ANY ADDITIONAL FABRIC YOU'D LIKE TO ADD. Text us today at (647) 390 1478 for a quote providing details of your bridal alterations and dress photos.
  • How Much Will My Bridesmaid Dress Alterations Cost?
    It starts from $100-$250 based on your required alterations. We're happy to provide virtual quotes, please send us a text to 647 390 1478 before booking!
  • How Long Do Bridal Alterations Take?
    Good question! It depends on the individual dress. We suggest being prepared for 3 fittings(after consultation) and coming in 2- 3 months before the wedding, which will give us ample time to accommodate your party.
  • What Can't You Do?
    We do not do the following: - Custom-to-fit dresses - Reconstruction of dress (ONLY alterations and repairs) - Fabric sourcing or matching. You must provide the material to us as we won't be able to travel, source, and match your needed fabric. A designer should be able to help with the above.
  • Do You Help Source Fabric and Accessories For My Dress?
    No, we do not. Please plan accordingly and bring your desired fabric to us to work with.
  • What Should I Bring To My Consultation?
    Please bring your shoes! This is primarily important for the hemming/bustle process and will also give you a clear idea of your complete look. Undergarments, veils, accessories, and anything that you plan on wearing. If you'd like to bring a friend, we are happy for them to come. Please let us know beforehand as we allow a MAXIMUM of 3 people per visit, including yourself as our home is small.
  • Where Are You Located?
    We work from our home at 31 Collahie St, south of Dundas St on Gladstone. We have a Pomeranian named Bear who will greet you by the door! Please note that our home is a shared space between our family and our clients, though we have a primary area for service.
  • What Are Your Hours?
    We are open 9:30-2 pm Tuesday - Friday & 10-4 pm on weekends. Closed Mondays.
  • Where Can I Park?
    There is free first come first serve street parking or a Green P is available at Dundas and Gladstone.
  • Do You Provide Alterations For My Party?
    YES we do for your entire bridal party! We work from home so we ask to keep visits at a maximum of 3 guests each time. Please inquire ahead of time so we can accommodate the scheduling of your group. We also offer 10% for groups :)
  • Do You Take Regular Alterations? (pants, shirts, etc.)
    We accept regular alterations between the months of September to March. Outside of that, we take bridal alterations only.

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