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Words From OurHappy Clients

Yifan Yang

Go with Mrs. P stitches for your wedding alterations - you will not regret it. It is run by a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law duo Susanna and Ping. From the first communications, Susanna was incredibly responsive, friendly and helpful. She provided me with a much more reasonable quote compared to some other places I’ve inquired at. She also gave a very reasonable timeline (and the dress still ended up being ready well-before!). Ping is clearly a very experienced and talented seamstress. What stood out to me is at our try-on meeting after the initial alterations, she spent almost two hours with me, laying in more stitches bit by bit until it fit me perfectly. Her relentless attention to detail and focus on giving me the perfect dress made me extremely relieved that I trusted her with my dress alterations. Could not have made a better decision and many thanks to Susanna and Ping for making this process as smooth as possible!!

Kat M

I'm so happy with my wedding dress alterations from Mrs P Stitches! From start to finish, everything was easy and of high quality: from the booking process and communications with Susanna, through to the alterations with Ping.
My lace dress turned out beautifully thanks to Ping's incredible skill and her attention to detail. I could tell she really cares about what she's working on, and making her clients happy.
Not only that, but she and Susanna are both lovely and friendly people to deal with. I highly recommend!


We had a wonderful experience with Mrs. P Stitches.

My dress was too loose around the waist, but had a complicated bodice with what Ping explained was a seam-free layer of lace on top that made it very difficult to alter. How were we to take it in if there were no seams on the top layer?

Ping was able to open the dress through a lower inner seam, and take the dress in by an inch on each side of the waist, creating subtle side seams that left the leaf-motif lace untouched on the front and back. She was careful not to cut any lace or fabric, so that if I didn’t like it, it could be taken out again.

The result is a dress that fits me perfectly, and looks no different from the front or the back than it did pre-alterations! My arms cover the side seams that she put in and the integrity of all the lace is intact.

It sits beautifully on me, and I know that if I hadn’t been 100% satisfied, Ping would have taken the seams right back out and found another way. Same with the fit - if it hadn’t been perfect, she would have worked until it was.

Pricing was also very reasonable, and alterations were done very quickly!

Highly recommend Mrs. P Stitches for their kindness and dedication to making sure your dress fits perfectly.

Virginia See

Ping and Susanna are truly the best in the biz. Not only are they extremely responsive and kind, but Ping nailed my dress fit after one fitting! I would highly recommend Mrs. P Stitches for your alteration needs especially for brides. Go for the amazing service and impeccable craftsmanship, but stay for the added bonus of snuggles from their cute puppy Bear. Thank you so much ladies!

Yvonne G

Mrs P Stitch is absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend this seamstress to anyone who wants a professional alteration on their formal/wedding dress. My MOH/bridesmaid dress fits me perfectly and before this I couldn’t do up the zipper at all. Mrs. P is kind, professional and she works fast! VERY reasonably priced as well. THANK YOU MRS P STITCH!

Nancy Ly

I went to Mrs. P for wedding gown alterations and she did not disappoint! In fact, she is a COMPLETE LIFE SAVER. Not only did she alter my own wedding gown but she did my bridesmaids' dresses and my traditional Chinese dress as well.

I had about 3-4 fittings with her from the time my dress arrived and up until the wedding. She was so detail oriented and made sure the dress fit perfectly for my big day. She made sure to adjust as time went on even if it meant more work for her, leading up to the wedding date to ensure the length and the fit of the dress was perfect. She also helped me customize my dress by adding tulle sleeves I had purchased from the designer. She also made recommendations beyond her scope to advise what she thought would look best (i.e. putting in extra padding in the chest area, since I needed help in that department, lol).

She is so warm and welcoming, she made me feel like I was going to an aunt's house. I was getting quotes from the store where I purchased my dress and other places for ridiculous amounts for alterations (almost the cost of the dress itself), but Mrs. P was doing all the work I needed at a reasonable price.

I was also super-stressed as one of my bridesmaids was pregnant and the store we ordered her bridesmaid dress from, provided really bad recommendations with the sizing and it turned out too small by the time we approached the wedding date and as she grew. We had such a negative experience at the store where we purchased the dress, as we were turned away by their seamstress and they basically gave us no viable options to either exchange or return the dress. Mrs. P worked her magic and was able to let out the dress with extra material along the dress. I was SO unbelievably relieved as she was my last hope under such a tight deadline.

I can not be more grateful for what she has done to help with the big day and will definitely be going back if I need any gowns/dresses altered. Don't expect a fancy upscale store front, but instead a warm home to do your alterations in! I am an avid supporter of local businesses and Mrs. P is an expert in the field!

Kate Acone

After another seamstress told me my wedding dress couldn't be altered properly to my size, I decided to get a second opinion before moving on. I'm so grateful I did, because Mrs. P worked a miracle and told me it was easy! She's a bridal magician - there is absolutely no evidence on the outside that my dress was taken down three sizes.

She and Susanna are both so kind and easy to work with, paying close attention to every detail and understanding when my streetcar ran late. The pricing is unbelievably low for how much time she spent, and communication was so clear. Highly highly recommend!

Griffin Sokal

Mrs. P Stitches!! What an incredible job altering my wedding dress. Her attention to detail and determination to make my dress perfect were outstanding.

From the moment I entered the house, I experienced professionalism and warmth. Mrs. P Stitches listened to my needs and preferences, ensuring a flawless fit that left me feeling confident and beautiful!

Her kindness and genuine care for customers made the whole process stress-free and enjoyable. If you're in need of clothing alterations, especially for your wedding attire, I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. P Stitches. She's a true talent, and I can't thank her (and her family) enough for making my wedding dress dreams a reality.



Susanna and Ping were amazing to work with! I felt so comfortable with them, and they were always so sweet. Ping obviously knows what she is doing and loves what she does. She made me feel beautiful and took pictures for my mom. She made an otherwise stressful planning time easier.

Affordable, fast turnaround time, and an overall lovely experience. I highly recommend getting your wedding dress altered by Ping!

Alexis Chung

I went here to get my bridesmaid dress fitted and they were lovely. They were so kind and made sure that I got everything I wanted. They even offered coffee or water. They made me feel at home. Susanna and Ping were so lovely and Ping was very fast. My dress was ready by the next day and I was surprised. I didn’t expect it to be finished so fast especially considering the wedding is in June. Setting up an appointment to go in was so easy and I even forgot my first appointment and they were so lovely about it. They weren’t upset and easily set up another appointment for me. They did an amazing job and told me that if I have to add anything or there are any issues, to come back. They also have very affordable prices. I was expecting a lot more and was pleasantly surprised at the cost. I would 100% recommend getting your dress altered or fitted here if needed. They also have an adorable pup so that is an added bonus! Thank you so much again! 😊

Lauren M

I had such a fantastic experience with Ping! My wedding dress only needed a few minor alterations but it took not even a week to complete. They were friendly, officiant, and it was really convenient to be able to text and communicate throughout the process. Definitely would recommend and bring future items to them to be fixed!

Jacqueline T

I recently worked with Mrs. P Stitches for alterations on a dress, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

It was incredibly easy to communicate my needs over text, and they were friendly and responsive. Despite the complexity of the hem and other adjustments needed, Mrs. P is very experienced and she was able to make the dress fit perfectly.

I will definitely be back for any future alterations. Thank you Mrs. P and Susanna for your outstanding service!

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